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05-18-02, 12:23 PM
yeah so i need the specs on the holes for the socket A mobo

ive already runined a complety good water block that i made by messing it up all ready , so i just wasted lots of time

maybe u can draw me a picture this time

05-18-02, 01:18 PM
Are you asking about the spacing dimensions? 1-1/2" x2-3/4" from center to center.

05-18-02, 02:03 PM
yes thats what i was looking for thanks

05-18-02, 02:09 PM
thats a shame sorry to hear about waterblock

05-18-02, 02:13 PM
i think i can fix it by makeing a plexi hold down , its an alum block any ways made out of some big stocks of alum heatsinks i dont know what for they were used on. defitnly not computers

05-18-02, 02:19 PM
33x66mm for the center

05-18-02, 02:29 PM
This what you need?

05-18-02, 02:34 PM
THANKYOU! now i can just cnc the holes i need!

Iron Hawk
05-18-02, 03:37 PM
Originally posted by maskedgeek
33x66mm for the center

Its 36x66mm.

05-19-02, 11:46 AM
i see 3 difernt musserments

so whos right ?:eh?:

05-19-02, 12:16 PM
the picture and 36x66mm
i was rong, 33 just sounded more rite because the other ones were 66, but

it is 36x66mm and the picture is rite