View Full Version : problems setting up

05-24-02, 08:44 PM
hey this is my first system i am building and i am almost done .. about to start the comp ..but i have this white and black wire coming from the power supply no idea where it goes? also i have another wire with 6 small holes on top then 6 bigger ones on the bottom what do i do with these?

also for power.. i can just stick a power cord into where needed.. there is no particular order is there heh?

05-24-02, 08:54 PM
The six wire connector is used on some server ATX boards, mostly Pentium systems. If you don't have the plugin on the motherboard for it, ignore it. Just tie it up out of the way.

The other one has two wires, a black and a white? If it's got a plug on the end just like a fan, go ahead and plug it into one of the fan header plugs on the motherboard. I think (not %100) that it's to monitor the fan rpm in the power supply. I just hooked up a buddy's Antec psu the other day that had the same thing.

Hope this covers it, have a good time!