View Full Version : What sort of performance increase do you get when adding a pelt to a WC system?

06-20-02, 12:08 AM
I'm wondering whats the difference between an impressive water cooling system, and an impressive water cooling system + an adequete peltier?

Also, supposing you wanted to do an inline system completely in the case, and you just wanted a 120mm intake and a 120mm exhaust (and psu fan) and no other fans....what would be the ideal case? I'm hoping to put together a black aluminum case with such room hopefully stock.

I would prefer a case that is meant for 2 120's, I'd rather not find one with room for 4 80's and start cutting. Also a window would be nice!


06-20-02, 12:18 AM
well as for the case a LI 70 case would probly be perfect because of large size for air flow. if you have minor case modding skill fan placement will be easy (which is very important in flow issues) but odds are you will probly need another fan for radiator up top if you plan on puting the ezhaust fan in the back of the case instead of the top

06-20-02, 12:45 AM
Not the cheapest case...but I guess all Aluminum cases are far from cheap. Anyway, that case sure has a ton of fans, thats great and all but I was hoping to just have 1 120mm in the front/bottom for intake, maybe putting the rad there, and then 1 120mm in the back below the psu.

Perhaps in a smaller case too, man that things a monster!

06-20-02, 10:46 AM
So theres really not much of an improvement over a water cooled system with a pelt?

06-20-02, 11:12 AM
Try here (http://servercases.com/ImageFiles/SCW101.html) for the case. This is where I bought my cube case from, and they have great service.

A pelt/water system can get your chip below 0C, but I'd still suggest doing watercooling first. There's some tinkering needed to understand the system really well, and hands on is the best teacher.
You could jump right into the pelt/water setup successfully first, it's just not what I'd suggest. I believe it's far better to have a firm grasp on what your water system is capable of first (and what works, and what don't) Experiment and have fun with it.
Then, when watercooling is second nature, and accidents are a bit further away from the possible, move on up to the TEC setup.

Have a great one.

06-20-02, 03:04 PM
Thanks for the link/reply

Is there really any point to reaching 0c?? It seems like it would be more trouble than anything else, at that point you'll deal with condensation right?

With adequete water cooling you can reach very low temps even with excessive voltages right?

BTW, I'm personally not going to get into water cooling just yet. I'm satisified with air ATM, but my next one will definetly be water cooled.

06-20-02, 03:16 PM
when your supercool it is said that you get another 100mhz more thin when you just watercool. Like right now I can get my 1.2ghz tbird up to 1.5ghz but if I want to go any higher (1.6+) I will prolly have to use a pelt or some other for of supercooling.