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  1. arcanise
    currently gold rank 100, whatcha got?
  2. Tsnowflake
    plat 46

    i don't think too many ppl view this section, i'm gonna put a link in my sig to the grp.
  3. WayOut
    in 2v2s and 3v3s i'm in bronze and silver with the people i play with. in 1v1's i'm yet to be determined.
  4. arcanise
    1v1 is now 56 gold and 2v2 is #1/2 bronze
  5. WayOut
    arcanise, you down for some 2v2's? i'm tired of just playing with my friend (who's not too good; part of the reason we're in bronze). whaddya say?
  6. arcanise
    yeah man, me and my roomate just did a 3v3 with rainless and we kicked ass.
  7. Krular
    I am new here. My ranks right now are 1v1 Gold 56, 2v2 Bronze something , 3v3 Bronze something, 4v4 Gold 73. Looking for a few people to play with and that may have vent or teamspeak
  8. Jetster220
    Hey, Id like to play some 3v3 or 4v4 with you guys. Add me and hit me up when you see me on Jetster 774
  9. cravennight
    woot made gold rank 4
  10. astroboy508
    1s - unranked
    2s - Gold rank 100 i think
    3s - Silver rank ~13
    4s - Platinum rank ~ 10
  11. arcanise
    wish i still ahd time to play all the time
  12. Janus67
    Still unranked in most of the leagues, have only played a handful of 2s and am in the hard-hitting bronze division!
  13. aphellyon
    I'm unranked 1v1 as of yet... lazy. In teams I'm high/top gold hoping to be plat soon.

    Hey guys, you should update your rankings... previous post was from last year.
  14. NerdGoneWild
    2v2 rank 1 platinum
    3v3 rank 70 diamond
  15. Aynjell
    4v4, rank 30 platinum. 1v1 rank 12 silver. I play 4v4's alone so I think I'm just particularly fond of the format. gold with somebody I met online for 2v2.
  16. arcanise
    unranked as of now havnt been on in 3 days
  17. Aynjell
    I am now rank 21 platinum 1v1.
  18. arcanise
    very very very nice
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