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(v)estra 07-13-03 11:37 PM

can overclocking cause ur sound to mess up? i am having sound problems in games mostly counter-strike and i think its due to my overclock any suggestions?

DaddyB 07-14-03 02:05 AM

Well to test that theory just set your cpu/fsb at default speeds and see if you still get the messed up sound, if you do continue to have audio issues then it is obviously related to your audio hardware/drivers/directX or the game itself. If the sound problems go away at default speeds then consider running at a lower FSB but similar clockspeed in your next overclock.

(v)estra 07-14-03 03:56 PM

ok its gotta be the drivers i will reinstall them

Sterculus 07-14-03 04:36 PM

Also check your hardware maker's site for updated drivers, they might have a fix for your problems.

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