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Bon3thugz43v3r 12-03-03 01:45 PM

Hard Lock question
My computer had been running fine with my previous 2100+ Tbred B, which was overclocked, for a long amount of time. About three weeks ago my computer started to freeze outta the blue. Freezing as in..mouse stops, music stops, everything stops and the only choice is to press the reset button. I figured maybe the chip was dying but wasnt sure about anything. Out of nowhere I get a barton 2500+ as a gift and immediatly drop it in the system. With this new barton, I still get these hard freezes. I ran prime95's "In Place Large FFTs" test for 28 hours and had no errors. What could be causing this lockup? Software?

Temps are fine with my watercooling...
CPU F@H - 34C
Case F@H - 27C

RGP 12-03-03 01:57 PM


Power supply, just start there and I'm sure you will find a problem.


Bon3thugz43v3r 12-03-03 02:24 PM

Power Supply is an Antec True Power 430 Watt that is about 5 months old. The newest version of Asus Probe reports these voltages....

+12V = 12.16
+5V = 4.892
+3.3V = 3.296

Arn't these all okay?

EDIT: Sorry bout the +3.3V = 3.8. That was a typo, the correct voltage is there now.:D

deathstar13 12-03-03 02:31 PM

those rails look fine enough and within tolerances.except for that 3.3v line at 3.8v but i dont think its the issue.

imo hard locks are 1 of 2 things:
1. video card

these would let prime pass and still lock your rig up.

id stick memtest86 on a floppy and test the ram first.
if that passes looking to the video card. mabey its oced to far?failing?overheating.

but i feel its in those to places you will find the answer.

also since its been a while look into a new bios for the mobo.
sometimes these get outa whack and a fresh flash or update helps things.just general maintance we forget once we get a great oc going.

Bon3thugz43v3r 12-03-03 03:25 PM

Well, I ran all the tests you can with memtest86 and my memory passed. So my next idea was to change my drivers because I just read that the cat 3.8's are awful. I am now using the Omega 3.9's. If the new drivers don't help, then I need more suggestions.:D

Bon3thugz43v3r 12-03-03 03:34 PM

Well just after posting that last message it hard locked.:(
I dont know really what I should do. Maybe a re-format will fix it.

deathstar13 12-03-03 03:36 PM

well if the video card is ruled out id try these:
the bios reflash and or upgrade
then try and reinstall the nforce mobo drivers also.if your useing the most current ones try one step older,if you have older try new ones.

i dont think its anything to do with the cpu as it usually gives bsod's

other than that im outa ideas for now.

yes a reformat may fix it but try the bios and nforce drivers first.
is best imo to find the answer exactly cousing it,instead of just fixing the whole patient.
but none the less both may work.

Bon3thugz43v3r 12-03-03 03:42 PM

How do I found out which version of Nforce drivers I am currently using?

deathstar13 12-03-03 03:48 PM

good question? i usueally keep all my d/l'ed drivers in a single folder for referance.
in the control panel under "add and remove programs" that will be were you want to uninstall them first.hopefully they will show wich ones they are.
nvidia just released some in the last month and a half so if its been that long just d/l the newest.

even if you reinstall the same nforce drivers over the old ones it may fix it.

Bon3thugz43v3r 12-03-03 03:54 PM

Ok well I just updated my A7N8X rev 1.04 to the newest bios which is 1007. Now I am going to install the new Nforce drivers. Tata. Thanks for your help as well deathstar. :D

EDIT : New Nforce drivers installed. Also I am back at stock settings to see if maybe its the CPU thats causing all this.

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