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agentbad 11-15-05 12:40 AM

xp issues
lately xp pro has been giving me a windows explorer error when i shut down windows. all i do is close it and it shuts down like normal. some other things like slow speeds on my hdd and slow downs in certain games are also showing up. im considering reformatting and starting from scratch but just wanted to get an opinion first.


MRD 11-15-05 01:02 AM

It could be windows corruption that happened for some random reason that you'll never find. It could also be spyware, so give spybot and adaware a try. Beyond that, I'd just reinstall. It's probably easier than hunting down the errors. Windows always runs best after a fresh install anyways, although the activation is a pain.

Nexus Realized 11-15-05 01:07 AM

Windows always seems to get flakey on me after awhile. As MRD suggested you can try and find what the problem is however you're better off just formating.

nahmus 11-15-05 01:09 AM

before you do the whole reformat try doing the system restore. Try restoring to a time before you had the problem.

I also had a system doing this that had a coolWWWsearch spyware infection. A few passes with CWshredder and spybot/adaware fixed it.

agentbad 11-15-05 02:15 AM

o lord....well i went to go format and it gives me an error after it finishes. i chose the normal ntfs format and in the process of trying again. ive never got an error after trying to reformat so im pretty concerned.

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