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Bender 12-07-05 11:12 PM

Playing with DSL 2.0
I am now tripple booting XP pro, Debian, and DSL 2.0 on my laptop. I just installed DSL 2.0 but I am not sure how to get bluetooth working. I have a USB bluetooth dongle I use for a GPRS internet connection. I have everything working in XP and in Debian. I dont think DSL has bluetooth kernel support so I need to find a way to compile a new kernel or add a module.

Im sure I will have more qustions as I play around with this distribution. So far I am impressed with the speed and functionality. I cant believe its only 50Mb with so many features.

Any ideas?

TollhouseFrank 12-07-05 11:48 PM

On the desktop there is a control panel/center that allows you to download extra add-ins for the system. In there is a button that allows you to download i believe drivers and hardware support-type stuff.

Check it out and see if it has what you need.

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