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Originally posted by Afshin_BMW
By the way the result you sent was a little bad .
As MAxy got 5.5 with 2.6 when 1800+ AMD took only 5

REPLY TO MAXVLA:How ever i am on intel's side,i can prove you that amd 1800+ (1533) MHZ is even faster than P4 2.0 in every aspect. My document is Sandra 2000 professional as i said before.

Thanks a lot.
i think you missed the part about me having about 15 things running eating 100% of my cpu while running that "benchmark" i am unfortunately doing the same thing right now and can't stop the encoder right now without losing valuable time. i predict with a idle computer i would be able to complete the calculator challenge in less than 4 seconds.

and you also missed the part where i said AMD chips have much much better math than Intels which is why everyone wants AMD chips for Folding/SETI crunching.

you are not however going to convince me that a 1800+ is faster than a p4 2.0a stock speeds in any "complete computer" benchmark such as 3dmark, PCMark, etc.

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