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well those temps are pretty high for tbred b with volcano 9. even with retail goop they still shouldn't be anywhere near 50C cept maybe full load (all this unless your ambient temps are insane like 30C or something). as for the psu. doesn't matter whether it's same psu or not. if a psu is being pushed then it could just fail one day and never work properly again... especially a generic one. also, psu could be responsible for those improper shutdowns. it may have been in such a hurry to stop working so hard that it was shutting down before your hdd stopped doing it's final writes.

suggest upgrade psu especially since you're overclocking. suggest reseatting hsf with some as3 or even retail stuff if you have any left. use only a tiny amount. i once had temps (on a system a couple years back) that were much higher than they should have been. i realized it was because the hsf (volcano 7) was on upside down. why thermaltake sells these things with the grills upside down i don't know but i've now had/or seen 3 volcano 7s, 1 volcano 9 and now my volcano 11. every grill has been upside down... at least when using msi or asus mobos of various models.
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