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Originally posted by Sp1k3
if you had a ****ing 2.4 P4 and a ****ing 2.4 AMD which will do better dumbass!? i would say the AMD! that is IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care what your little gay benchmarks tell you, i am basing mine fom experience and talking to ppl.

and sorry for this convo justingb
lol. that says it all really sp1k3. How can you compare an overclocked amd at 2.4ghz to a stock 2.4ghz p4? you can't. Try comparing the 2.4ghz p4 to a t.bred 2400+, then you'll see

I don't need to make any further comments on this

//on topic

JustinGB - you'll love the nf7-s. it's a fantasic board, that i can tell you, and while it wont be as fast as an overclocked p4, it'll still be an extreamly fast rig. I'm sure you'll enjoy it


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