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Newcastles AFAIK, have no problems. You may be right about the BIOS though. ASUS wrote up 2 new versions (1007,1008) and 4 betas in about a month. Looks like they have some problems with getting the BIOS to behave right.
I think so too.

Now lets look at your rig:-
CPU freq:
Stock = 1800
OC'd =2475
Thats pretty good. Look here to see how you stack up:
Well, I know it's a decent o/c. Nothing more, I think I can go higher, so why not trying?

Could you tell me what happens when you use different BIOS versions, to your LTD?
If you can't change the LTD, I'd recommend resetting the CMOS. Before you do that read the sticky for caution points.
As I said, i get mixed results using 3x multi:
-doesn't boot
-hangs while accessing HDD for the first time (not loading anything, just accessing)
-gives me a fault page error (or something like that) while accessing HDD for the first time
-doesn't find ntldr

Things change using different bios revision, but no way to load a single file.
2x multi let me reach Windows, but I got prime errors quite soon.
I assume something is wrong with multi as if I set 4x or 5x everything is fine.

Examples: 275 4x or 5x HTT -> ok (but the multi is always 4x, even if 5x is selected) ; 275 3x HTT -> no boot ; 275 2x -> prime errors

Are you saying you can boot at 291 but fail stress tests? Do you have the exact same test conditions as Anandtech?? I'm sure you don't so I'd say 291 HTT is pretty good.
It fails AGP tests only. Prime is fine. Doom 3 is fine (OpenGL). But 3Dmarks hangs. Far Cry hangs too. 275mhz is max AGP stable configuration. As HTT is strictly related to AGP bus, I assume 291x4 (or lower till 275) is too high HTT frequency for my board!

The Low LTD=instability problem issue seems to be officially confirmed now. If you read the sticky I talk about the exact same thing! I faced the same problem with the 1008 BIOS. Seemed to dissappear with a BIOS update. (My Newcastle does just fine with the stable, tried and tested 1006 BIOS).
I can't test 1006 bios with my Winchester. But I tried all revisions from 1007 to 1009.004 and same problems.

Why not stick with the 4x LTD ? You can't expect to do exactly the same as AnandTech or anybody else. Every setup is unique.
Well, I dont' expect the same results. But I get quite lower results, and that's not normal. He used a A64-FX, I have a Winchester. HTT instability is not mentioned at all in the review, so I assume he had no problem.

VIA 4 in 1 AGP Driver? I thought it was the SATA/RAID Driver?
4in1 is a driver set for the mobo. SATA driver are separated.

Regarding your RAM not running 2:1 (DDR400); try 2.7 or 2.6 V as conter-intutive and strange as this sounds, some guys here have reported problems disappering with these settings.
I tried that too. No way :
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