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OCD DDR600 on the ASUS A8V

I just got the OCZ EL DDR PC-4800 Dual Channel Platinum kit and I'm testing it out. But it doesn't seem to be meeting it's advertised specs. First off, the SPD is supposed to be 300MHz at 2.5-4-4-10. But CPU-Z says it's 2.5-6-6-16. Sandra says it's 2.5-6-6-15. And Everest even says its 2.5-7-7-16. (You can see in my screenshot below.)

I think all these are really bad, right?!

And when I set the timings to 2.5-4-4-10, I can't get above 290MHz stable.

By the way, I am running it at 2.8V according to it's specs. My motherboard can't run any higher Vdimm for me to experiment with. But already it seems that this RAM isn't meeting it's advertised specs.

Opteron 185 (dual core) @ 2.80GHz --- DFI LanParty SLI-DR Expert @ 255MHz
2 x 1GB OCZ Gold GX XTC DDR510 (3-4-3-8, 1T) --- 4 x 160GB Raptors (RAID 0) & 750GB WD (backup)
Two EVGA 8800GTS 640MB in SLI @ 675MHz core, 1080MHz memory --- PCP&C 1000W
Water-cooling: BIX III radiator, MCP655 pump, 1/2" tygon tubes, 6 Panaflo 114CFM fans (in push-pull)
TEC-cooling: 245W-320W TEC in Maze4-1 CPU block, Meanwell 480W PSU
Thermaltake Armor+ case -- Hanns-G 25" 1080P LCD
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