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Originally Posted by bth
If it only happens when people connect, is it possible that, when someone's connected, it's eating up all your bandwidth and thus lagging? What does your network look like and is using QoS an option?

When you do a tracert it's only a response-time test. Roadrunner regulates/limits the upload bandwith from my home network, so I'm 100% sure that the connected user is eating most of it. How this would cause the lag is beyond me, because surfing I'm only downloading which is independent from uploading.


Cable modem --> Router --> PCs and server (LAN)

LAN is working fine, it's just when someone connects to the FTP portion of the server that ALL internet connectivity (not just on the server, also on the workstations) slows. Ping responses jump from 6ms to 1500ms for anything outside of my LAN. Within the LAN everything continues to run fine.
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