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Got to think a lil more about the CPU cooling I guess. If, I decide to go with the big tower, what 92mm fans do you recommend then. And should I, like in the picture, use 2? One push (blowing onto HS) and one pull (pulling off the HS towards the lower back exhaust fan)? Or both blowing onto the HS?

What about the video card cooling? Stock being enough you think? Not going to OC them since they come OC'd as it is.

Been reading up on DFi boards too, but a lot of ppl seem to have problems with them. Also, since I am only doing a mild overclock, 200MHZ, I thought the ASUS would be enough? The DFI seems a little, well overwhelming. I am fairly new at OC'ing. I will check out the Abit AN8-SLi Fataility though. Not read anything about it yet. Stability is very important to me, running 24/7/365.

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