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Originally Posted by LordDarik
Both PSU's depend solely on your personal tastes, which is why I recommend both of them equally. I myself got the Silverstone several months ago and am glad I got it over the Powerstream, but it suits me better and that's why I got it.

I also don't look for warranties in my power supply, in my eyes a good PSU doesn't need a 10 year warranty to be good. If it really has great quality it shouldn't need one.
I am also glad that I got the Silverstone over the OCZ. You can definitely see the quality and craftsmenship that went into this product. Especially me having the chance to get a good look at the internals. This adjustable pot has made my PSU an absolute iron horse. The way I have it configured now, 5v and 3.3v dont even budge during load. Theyre dead nuts on. Only under intense load does the 12v rail dip to 12.13 now, from 12.18 idle.

I have some pics during testing today. Please note the molex DMM testing and the 12 volt rail displaying 12.32 idle and the 5v displaying over 5.1

Right now I have them adjusted to my own taste at 12.18 and 5.09. idle. I am so happy with this PSU. The name Zeus definitely suits it, if not iron horse, or Rocky Balboa...

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