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Completely stock 8800GTX, stock clocks. IT ABSOLUTELY TRAMPLES MY OLD X1900XT by almost a 100% gain in performance:

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...3770k@4.5 GHz...Noctua Dh14...Asus z77 dlx...Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB... ARES 8Gb 2x4....
crossfire 2 x diamond 6970's at stock clocks...4TB x2 in raid 1...corsair hx1050 psu...

Dominick32 states "Bow down to your SSD god dominick32 and kiss my feet which are actually made of pure light.
Jason4207 Responds: "Upon closer inspection to go in for that foot kiss I'm noticing that the 'light' isn't doing you any justice.

This should help. :) Circa 2010
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