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Got my credit , sent this :
"Thanks for all your help and excellent customer service(sarcasm). I ordered my radiator on June 1st shipped 2 day air. It's now July 16Th 7 weeks later and I am screwed out of 135.00 and no radiator. Your response time and commitment to the customer was so good I told all my friends in the overclocking community(you know, people like me who buy your radiators for PCs)

I posted this on all the forums I am a member of in three different languages, if I prevent just one person from having to experience your brand of customer service then it's worth it to me. I hope it was worth it to you, oh right you don't care about your customers. Once again I would like to thank both of your organizations for your complete lack of professionalism in this matter."

Got this back fom Perfomance-PCS :

"Hopefully you also included the part about how you damaged the radiator using too long a screws (we won’t bother to read this). Neither of our companies are here to replace things that you ( the customer) breaks. If that is unprofessional to you then you have a warped sense of the meaning of this word.

Good Day"

Just perfect, at least this time they responded in a timely manner. LOL

Edit-mgoode This reply came from vendor

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