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I e-mailed Intel abut the sensor problems
Heres what intel said about senors problems, talk about a load.

My e-mail, by the way I did copy and paste some info from this thread to get things started.

the temp probs in the E8400 are stuffed. The Coolest (the guy who
makes coretemp) reports that according to Intels spec, his program is
reading the temps correctly. In other words, coretemp is reading what
the cpu is telling it. Case and point, my E8400. According to
coretemp, one core is locked at 43c, the other at 51c. They will not
read any lower than this, ever... Once the temp moves above these
values its starts to rise, but other report completely frozen probs
(sometimes just reading 7c!). My motherboard reports 34c on the cpu
all the time, i have never seen it move off this value (this may be
fixed in future bios though). Nevertheless, there seems to be
problems with the sensors being reported on many websites, can you
confirm this and when will the recall take place?

Intels response,

The maximum operating temperature of the Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo
processor E8400 is 61.4 degrees Celsius. As long as the processor is
operating under this temperature it is operating within
specifications. We recommend setting any thermal alarms about three
(3) degrees below the maximum recommended temperature for the
processor. We do not have a normal operating temperature for the
processor as this temperature will vary depending on the chassis and
other hardware installed on the system as well as the actual load the
software is placing on the processor.

You do not need to worry about the temperature of each core, you only
need to pay attention to the CPU temperature itself.

Currently we do not have any report on sensor problems with the
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor E8400.

Well I'll take that with a grain of salt!!!


That idiot at intel gave the wrong information on the E8400, the true CPU TEMP MAX IS 72.4c and the Tjunction core values remain 105c.

Here's the link to see for yourself


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