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Thanks for taking time explaining Steven. But don't know why I'm still not getting through this...hic hic

BTW, the other E7200 with high VID: 1.225 .... now I paired with ECS G33T-M2 mobo

I got it booted up to 3.60GHz but unstable (fail ORTHOS with 5min). I had to drop it down to now 3.44GHz and still testing with looks good so far.
This pairing yields higher OC than the other E7200 that has a low VID: 1.1750 with ECS G31 mobo.

UPDATE: Stable for 11 hours @ 3.44 GHz. Pinmod +0.1v & 1333FSB jump pinmod

UPDATE: Here it is....... stable for 5 hours @ 3.54 GHz. Pinmod +0.15v & 1333FSB jump pinmod

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