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ReadyDriverPlus to automatically disable that enforced driver signing in Vista or Win7 x64 without having to do the F8 thing.

VistaBootPro3.33 to edit your BCS and name and order all your other MS OS on multiple partitions and hard drives.

Be careful you know where Win7/Vista put the boot files. They often put them on the BIOS selected first boot hard drive if you aren't careful when installing the OS. You can also fix that with this BCS editor program as it can write the correct info onto copied boot files you copied over from the other hard drive.

Waring You should only use these programs if you are advanced enough to understand how it works and how to recover if you render your OS unbootable. It took me several Win7 CD repair sessions to fix an issue where both these listed programs had a major conflict just the other day for my system when I changed the boot order but not ReadyDriverPlus. It's probably a good idea not to use these together unless you are an expert.

Other than that, these are great apps to get control of your own system rather than Microsoft defaults. If you are going to change the boot order, make sure to uninstall ReadyDriverPlus first and don't install ReadyDriverPlus until the last after you've set your boot order and verified that it works. I pulled a drive out and that upset my apple cart big time LOL.

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