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Frontpage Workflow

This thread outlines the process of how an article gets from the writer onto the frontpage.

Step 1:
Authors get a wordpress account created, then write their piece directly on

Step 2:
Authors save their article as a draft in wordpress, then notify the Content Editors via email or PM that they are ready to have their article editted

Step 3:
A. If the material is ready, the content editor clicks the "submit for review" button which sends it to mdcomp, splat, hokiealumnus, or JoeC, then the content editor updates the status thread that their article is awaiting publishing
B. If the material is not ready, the content editor PMs or emails a proofreader (ratbuddy or wonderingsoul), or makes/suggests changes to the author. If considerable editting changes are made, the content editor receives the authors approval for the changes, then clicks the "submit for review" button

Step 4:
The article is given a final review by mdcomp, splat, hokiealumnus, or JoeC, then it's scheduled and published

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