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Don't know why it took this long to do the pencil mod...but I did it and would like to update my post. Not only surpassed is now @ 3.70GHz on my microATX.

Didn't feel like guzzling another 13hrs of hour on this rig is fine for me.

8x440 FSB = 3.52GHz
Rams: 555-15
Vcore in bios 1.60v
Idle: 1.488v
Load: 1.344v (big vdroop)
1M Super PI: 14.859s

9x411 FSB = 3.70GHz
The same Rams: 444-12
Vcore in bios: 1.4625v
Idle: 1.432v
Load: 1.424v
1M Super PI: 14.008s

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