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Originally Posted by tinymouse2 View Post
Well we won't know for a while

From what we've heard from Crytek Crysis 2 is meant to be super efficient. Wether that just means that it can run on a console or it actually means that they're going to be kind to the PC gamer and actually give us a proper game is still unknown.

I'm upgrading about a week or two after its released so I have time to see the benchmarks.

Unless that is you work at Crytek and you're now spilling everything to us destroying what little trust I have in them
if i was working for Crytek and was saying such things in a forum i think i wouldn't work for Crytek anymore.

Just look at Metro2033, graphics are cool, and maxed out on my pc fps ranges from 20 to 60 fps,
20fps when they use that super cool light effect.
if Crysis2 will be so much better graphics as they say even if it is super good coded it will still run slow or not at what i would consider optimum performance.

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