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So, are you ready to start overclocking? After entering your BIOS and lowering the CPU & MEM multipliers, go to the voltages section and raise your IOH to 1.3-1.35V and your CPU VTT to +0.2V. Then restart your machine and go back into the BIOS
If the test ran without error, raise the bclock by 10MHz, reboot into your OS and run the test again. If the test failed, raise the CPU VTT voltage by a small increment, reboot into your OS and run the test again
What is the maximum safe CPU VTT voltage? Depends on a lot of things, but I feel like these are some basic conservative guidelines. If you’re running the stock Intel heatsink and fan, I would not advise more than +0.2V, if you are running a high end air cooler
So I am using a stock intel cooler with an i7 920 so you say in the first step to increase the CPU VTT to +0.2V and then perform a few tests if the first test fails to increase the CPU VTT by a small increment(what exactly is considered a small increment 0.05?) but its already at the maximum safe voltage. So do I just adjust the bclock frequency and leave the CPU VTT Voltage alone after setting to +0.2V in step one? Sorry just a bit confused here. Thanks

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