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Scratching head....

I'm not sure why this is really a big surprise...

Water has one of the best thermal capacity vs. thermal resistance of any "cheap" liquid. There are only 3 reasons you really even add anti-freeze to your radiator in the first place: boil over, freezing, and anti-corrosion/pump lube. If you lived in a place where it was always 50F you could probably run straight water and a little water wetter.

Now much like the liquid nitrogen guys I'm sure 3M or someone has a hydrocarbon based liquid that has some better properties. And I'm sure it's probably in that magical range of $1k per liter or something. That and it'll probably only get you %10 better theoretical specs...

I guess I've just been out of water cooling to long. I didn't even know companies made things like this. I thought most of the time it was just water or water/water wetter (or your additive of choice).
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