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Well the 24 hour leak test went great and it literally took 3 seconds of the pump turned on for the bubbles to clear out, everything is crystal clear. I am 90% done and all I need now is to wire the ccfl's to a on/off switch on the back and mod the side window. Here's some pics to hold you over:

Lights off

Here you can see just how close the RAM cooler gets to the top fan, there is just enough room here.

Lights on xD looks awesome with the white interior. I wasn't so sure about getting the blue led yate loon fans, but now I am glad I did, they look awesome.

Here you can also make out how I water cooled the GPU, I threw on the universal block over the bottom reference cooler base plate that covers most of the PCB. I'll be doing some benching later and hopefully it keeps it cool.

I will be finishing it up soon and I'll post the final pictures in a few hours. Tell me what you guys think

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