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Originally Posted by benny428 View Post
Im gonna take out the SSD. I did some calculations, it comes out to a total of 2580, and if I take out the SSD, that gives me 1930 total (not exact of course) I really like this build. I just might have to go with this one.
Double check it, did you account for rebates? Or just go with LESS SSD, but I would not eliminate it all together...

Case - 160
HDD - 90
SSD - 440
Memory - 60
CPU - 200
Mobo - 160
PSU - 300
gpu - 735
Monitor - 199
2345 total

You could EASILY save 300 buck by going with less SSD and Less PSU and a lower priced 6990....

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SSD- OCZ Vertex 60 GB | HD- WD Black 1TB
PSU- Corsair 650 W | COOLER- Hyper 212+
MONITOR- Asus Vh242H | CASE- Antec 902
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