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Haha...what's more amusing is that I've heard the chipset is what's driving up the price of these boards. It's not much better than P67. I can't imagine precisely why it costs so much more to produce. If it had at least six SATA 6Gb/s ports along with USB 3.0 native support, maybe...but it doesn't. No idea what they were thinking with this one. The CPUs are insanely powerful, but the chipset? Not so much.

Exactly. I'm so dissapointed because the proc itself is awesome. It's truly a monster! Doesn't it deserve to be released with a platform worthy of it's performance?

And we're not just talking about the loss of USB 3.0 people. I think a lot of people here forget what X79 was suppose to be.

2+4 sata has got to stop.

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