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Originally Posted by ATF 2GTalon
Similar as in they both display an image on screen? You might want to clarify this statement.
Similar in that they are almost indistinguishable when viewed front-on. Everything looks pretty much identical to the naked eye, and the perceptible and prevailing disadvantage of TN is the poor vertical viewing angle.

I grew tired of the "TN sucks so bad" propaganda on another forum so I did a TN vs IPS comparison and took a photo with one of my $800 NEC 24" H-IPS next to a (slightly damaged) $130 Packard Bell 23" TN, setting the TN up so that it was at the same level of brightness as the IPS.

Whilst no picture can substitute the real life comparison, this picture definitely reveals one crucial thing: they look the same. The only difference I can perceive between the two panels is the poor viewing angle of the TN...then again, IPS suffers from "black glow" so it's not all hunky-dory either. (Top left corner of the IPS looks gray but it's actually black on screen).

I've owned all 3 panel types (tn, mva, ips) and I will never go back to tn again unless I was desparate and funds are limited.
I currently own a variety of panel types (including an uber expensive S-PVA 40" HDTV) and I use a calibrated 30" S-IPS monitor for work every day. My knowledge and experience with the various flavours of LCD monitors makes me all the more amused when people harp on about the "vast" superiority of IPS over TN - it's overhyped. Period.

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