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Originally Posted by dalek2.0 View Post
That's what I was thinking. I'm just going to write down the IP for sites that I go to a lot, just in case. After all, they could be doing something wrong and not even know it. lol

Hmmm, if I run a local DNS, then I could manage that manually. I could have some that can't be changed so that even if they are removed from a public server, I would still have a local lookup. Correct?

This is so funny. Those people in Washington DC go to all the trouble of making a law and people know how to get around it before it even gets voted on.

haha! You got the idea! Both ideas you mentioned will work. In fact with Linux it is pretty easy to set up your own DNS server. Just as long as the website is not on a dynamic IP like mine is your browser will also cache the DNS resolution IP for a period of time. (the TTL value) Most websites usually have a few DNS servers already, I can't think of a good configuration other than maybe a proxy to do what you are thinking, I know there is though.

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