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The H100 is a very good cooler imo. I had my doubts with it at first.. I did not like the fans that came with it.. If you can mount the rad in a location that provides an unobstructed flow of air, with minimal turbulence, you will have a solid performer

I have 4x 38x120s strapped to mine, and am folding at 4209mhz, for that clock speed I need to use 1.46v, with LLC that translates to about 1.47v loaded. I am seeing load temps in the low to mid 70s, a bit higher in the 70s when the furnace comes on. I have the NH-D14, and a classic TRUE, and this thing mops the floor with em

Xeon X5690 E.S. @ 4307MHz 1.375v/Corsair H100
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