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Small update. I've been pretty busy with reviews lately, so there hasn't been much time for this, unfortunately.

I cut out a section of the mid-plate towards the front that connects the two holes. this will be used to feed tubing into the bottom section of the case. At first I had planned on using the two holes that were already there, but the two radiators will get in the way of those holes.

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Next, I got a SST-TS03B to hold my slim Blu-Ray burner, hold a SSD, and to add USB ports at the top of the case.

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Since I'll be removing the stock HDD cages from the bottom of the case to make room for radiators, I got a SST-CFP51B to turn 3 of the 5.25" bays into a HDD cage.

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Last pick of the two items

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Tomorrow I'll be getting some steel wool, primer, and black paint for all of the bare aluminum in the case. I plan on removing all the rivets to make sure I do a thorough paint job, but I haven't messed with rivet before so hopefully I won't screw that up too badly I'll be doing the aluminum on the TS03B and CFP51B as well.

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