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Wow, thats cool.

Windows Dreamscene was originally supposed to be in Win7, but then it was dropped later on in the development. To enable Windows Dreamscene in Win7:

1. Download the appropriate file:
x64: Windows DreamScenes for Windows 7 (64-bit).zip

2. x64: Follow instructions in text file (reboot)
x86: Run the application (and probably reboot)

3. Download and extract Rezasam1's DreamScene wallpaper

4. Right click on the extracted wallpaper, and click "set as desktop background"

You should now have the dreamscene applied (this was tested on win7-64). It flashes, so you'll probably want to right click the desktop, and select "pause dreamscene"... But you can right click and play the dreamscene again any time you want to.

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