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Please request troy8d post up the data he has from the last CC, here.

I will not be registering at EVGA - their "required" data, is more than I want to post up.

I've made some changes to the recommendations mentioned above:

1) The race would be a team race - no individuals need to change their folding name or passkey. You would race as a team.

2) The Handicap "Basis" would be calculated differently, to accomodate the team race feature.

This is a rough draft, see what you think.

The format would be the same as last year, EXCEPT:

1) This is a team race. Individuals don't need to sign up, or use a different passkey. Every team folder counts in this race.

2) The Handicap (hereafter called the "basis"), is calculated quite differently. Teams that work together in the race, will be given points just like they were one team, all along. All based on their performance of last year.

The following table is JUST a projection, to show how the points format being
proposed, works. Nothing personal!! :)

It's a fairly standard format handicap race, except:

1) The basis is calculated based on EITHER the team's prior race performance,
or their average May 2011 folding totals, for ten days - whichever is higher.


2) The entire team (and their folding friends), will be racing, not just individuals
within the team.

Whichever team has the greatest increase in folding, compared to last year,
should win the handicap portion of the race!

  Team         CC actual 2011  Basis    Projected Projected points   Projected race points
               points total             Increase  per day, 2012      per day, 2012
CbitChimps      43947959     4394795.9    7.9     34718887                79
EVGApes        120279256    12027925.6    7.5     90209442                75
ChimpPwrUp      27266335     2726633.5    6.5     17723118                65
MonkeyBollocks  15149103     1514910.3    6.3      9543935                63
MaxMonkeys      28575342     2857534.2    5.8     16573698                58
Beavers         40660364     4066036.4    5.3     21549993                53
OCNChimpin'    107318736    10731873.6    5.2     55805743                52
T32monkeys      42670316     4267031.6    5.1     21761861                51
TSChimp         45662987     4566298.7    5.1     23288123                51
Basis scores would be either the actual 2011 CC total points divided by 10 or one third the
total team points for May 2011, divided by 10, whichever is higher. This is necessary to accommodate both merging teams, and teams who had a low turnout for the 2011 CC race, but a high number of active team folders.

Please look it over, and let me know if it has an OK points format. Thanks.

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