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    For those of you in Canada, how long did it take to send the package?

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    It looks to be as if it might take 5 days at the least.

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    Hmm, it's been 9 business days and still no sign of the package. But I read is reliable. Anyone have problems with lately?

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    I know Josh pretty good and nexfan is a totally legit company...

    I shipped to Canada once and it took over two weeks (held in customs for 5 days)

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    Nexfan is awesome.
    It has to be customs holding it up.

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    Just wanted to update everyone. I got the package yesterday (Jul. 15). I guess Josh forgot to get my package out because it says "Jul. 10" on the stamp, which is the same day when I emailed him asking about my package. It supposed to be sent Jun. 21. Anyways, mistakes happen; as long as I get the package, everything fine with me.

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