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    Iwill KK266, Duron 900 o/c to 1000...TNT2???

    Am I correct in assuming that the Creative Labs TNT2 AGP card in my system is the bottleneck that's causing my 3DMark 2001 score to be embarrasingly low? (uh, that would be 1340!)

    If so, what would give me the most "bang for the buck" in a new video card for under, say, $150? Basically, I'm into flight simulators and would like to find something to optimize my FPS, within a reasonable budget.

    Any tips are very much appreciated!


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    Most likely that TNT2 is holding you back. I was using the TNT2 m64 until I upgraded to the Radeon LE 32 DDR. It only cost me 77.00 USD and hasn't disappointed me yet. The 2D is great and the 3D works well on all games I've tried. I've scored a 3Dmark2k1 score of 3388. The cards come shipped at 148/148 but can usually be overclocked within the 180-190 range.

    You can check out the recent reviews on


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    I would go with the 64Mb GeForce2. has some good video card reviews.

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