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Thread: Cpu probe?

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    Cpu probe?

    Hi I have a p3 500 running with a asus p2b-L

    The mobo only reads 2 heat sensors, PSU and CASE, but it does not have a cpu sensor. I read on asus's website that it needs some acesorie to read it. But the mobo is preaty old so I'm preaty sure I'd have trouble with getting it.

    Anyway is there another way to get a reading of the cpu? Is the probe it's self built in to the CPU? Can I buy a probe and insert it some how?

    I oc'd the cpu to 515 I'm afraid to go any higher becasue I have no idea what the cpu temp is.

    BTW I did some cable rounding and some dust cleanup and my heat reading droped 3 degrees for the case to (25*C) and it droped 7 degrees on my PSU to (35*C), With these temperatures would it be safe to OC the cpu to 550?

    Thanks for any info

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    It sounds safe enought, but you have to figure out how much more heat your o/c'ed cpu is going to dish out, I think it would be safe, as long as you took it slowly (as you always should).

    If you could, I would put a temp probe on it and monitor it as ya o/c the thing.

    And always, make sure you have decent cooling before even THINKING about o/c'ing, rather safe than sorry m'friend!

    Good luck!
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