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    S.U.M.A. PLATINUM GF4 Ti4200 SE

    I've just bought this SUMA Platinum GF4 Ti4200 SE and i need some help.Does anyone know if there is a temperature meter on this card and if suma has any overclocking utility i can use,or any other monitor utility for this card?Suma doesn't even have it's own drivers,but gives Nvidia's drivers.My system is an Iwill XP333-r mb,XP 2000+,256 mb DDR266Mhz(the other 256 dimm has just broken),and guess my results on 3D mark 2001 SE.6719.What the hell am i doing wrong?Any help is welcome.

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    Hey, someone finally got this card!

    For the drivers, almost no manufacturers supply custom drivers, nVidia does all that. Goto for the newest official drivers, and if you wanna play with betas goto

    Now for overclocking get either NVMax or Rivatuner. A link to NV max is in the sticky at the top of the topic list, Rivatuner is at

    I think only one company puts temp sensors on their graphics cards, it's pretty rare. As for monitoring utilities, I havn't heard of that either for video cards...

    In any case if you tweak your system out right that card is rumored to OC to Ti4600 speeds, you'll be over 10000, hell maybe 11K or 12K if you play your cards right.


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