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    My CPU isn't at 100 percent when I'm using SETI...Normal?

    Well Is it normal not to see any activity when SETI is working? Or should I set SETI to high or normal settings???
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    seti should be at 99-100% all the time, unless something else is using the cycles.
    What other processes are using cpu time?
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    depends on what you are using to check your usage. cacheman and coolmon both figure in seti and folding i think. whereas motherboard monitor just shows 100 percent all the time when you have seti running. i assume the built in windows usage monitors do the same.
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    or taskmanger also will show 100% load too.

    also, forget 'bout trying to set SETI in normal or even high in Driver!! it doesn't affect the time much if any, but will heavily affect ur machine's normal use (like browsing, type note, anything, even reset/closing Driver!)
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    Yeah keeping the priority at Low seems to be the best option. Don't even try the high, that will slow down everything so bad, that closing seti will take several minutes.

    Keeping it at Normal can slow down the browsing, at least it did it for me, and printing was not possible.
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