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    Cleaning Keyboard

    Whats the best way to clean one? Pry out each individual key or what? I've been using the same keyboard for almost 2 years now and its getting pretty nasty.

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    Well you could try using an air compressor and blowing a ton of air in there. Should do the trick, unless you have gum or something in there.

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    yup, i know what you mean, I cleaned mine out a few months ago. Just pry out every key, and drop the buttons in a sinkful of soap (don't lose em )

    when Iput it back together, it wasn't working (some of the keys were messed up), so I thought i screwed it up, but it happens when it's a bit wet. If that happens to you, leave it to dry for a frew hours and it'll be fine

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    distilled water or mild sopy water, and their is no need to take the keys off just make sure it dries off before plugging it in
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    Well I cant get the keyboard body to separate even with all the screws out. It just wont pull apart and I dont want to break it so I think Im gonna take out each key...whats the best way to do this with out breaking anything? Oh and its the side with the caps lock lights. Oh and one more thing...shoud I of put this in General Hardware? I put it over here because I assumed most of you had opened up a keyboard since you mod anything and everything hehe.
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    well I have to take off the keys because there are screws under them holding the keyboard togeather

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    What I would do is take all the keys off, then put the keyboard into the dishwasher (complete with soap). I'd probably use a rinse agent too to help keep deposits from forming. Make sure you DON'T use heated dry. It might not hurt, but I doubt I'd want to chance it. Let it dry for a couple of days. If your dishwasher has one one of those baskets that you can close up for small things, put the keys in there.

    Once the keyboard is dry, it should work great.

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