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Thread: pc 3200 memory

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    Cool pc 3200 memory

    Hello I am new to this forum,I have a minor problem.I have an msi kt3 mobo,I bought some samsung extreme memory-pc3200 at 400.My trouble is my system will not read the memory .Any tips or help will be appreciated,thanx

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    hmm very odd, have tried mixing the sticks around...i.e if you have a stick of crucial and your new stick and a generic stick, try it with just one of teh sticks or the generic and new, or crucial and new etc. Try other dimms you have in the been using in particular slot that the new stick resides in. Either your having memoyr confliction problems (rare nowadsy but it happens), dead DIMM slot, or the new stick you got is dead. try just your one stick in a known working slot by itself if it doens't work it's most likely a DOA (dead on arrival) stick of ram and you need to RMA it (return mail the place you got it they should replace it for free)....

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