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    Unhappy can't solve temp problem

    My current temps seem to high to me. My CPU is getting 46C IDLE with a case temp of about 30C (my room is like 22-24). At first i though the temperature sensors were out of wack b/c it would give me -126C for my case temp sometimes and 12C for CPU (I Wish) but my comp does crash after folding or running prime95 for more than 15 minutes. I tried attaching a crumy looking MS paint drawing showing my current airflow and how i plan on changing it. I just don't get why my temps are so bad, i got rounded cables and moved everything out of the way too, maybe i'm missing something...

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    You are not overclocking by any chance are you?

    I can't really tell how good your heatsink is. CompUSA isn't the most famous heatsink maker...

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    Case airflow seems okay, but may need improvement.

    Buy the best heatsink you can afford:

    Thermalright SK-6/Delta 38 is around #35-$40
    Thermalright AX-7/decent fan is around $40-$45

    Those are good starting choices. Also, checkout GlobalWin or Swiftech. There will be opinions for or against other brands of HSF combinations.

    Choose wisely!

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    I'm using an ECS board also. I found that with two empty drive bays you could move the bottom intake fan into there and it will help out quite a bit. Like the others were saying you should change out the heatsink and fan. Get something 50 CFM or better.
    You could also run a duct into the heatsink fan.

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    I havn't even tried overclocking b/c its not stable at stock, and as much as i would like to get water cooling, its not finacially available to me for a month or two... The compusa heatsink is copper all the way through, it looks decent the prob is I grabbed the package again and the fan on it is actually an amazing 23 CFM OMG!!! even so, when i had the retail hsf on there the temps were like 60C. i might try getting a little more powerful fan to put on there but i cant really afford much for a while... oh well, at least wc3 is running fine.

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    My two cents worth.

    you have the cpu fan and the rear fan both fighting for the same air, try having the cpu fan sucking thru the heatsink or the rear fan blowing into the case.
    If you have the rear fan blowing in, you will need a bit of cardboard in between it and the psu fan to stop the warm air being drawn back into the comp.

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