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    Two Vid cards in a system

    Is it possible to have two video cards in a system, for instance having one in the agp slot, and another in a pci slot, so that I could watch tv?? Would there be any problem doing this?

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    just get a videocard with TV in/out , example Radeon all in wonder

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    Yes, that is possible. Ideally that is what you would want anyways.

    For instance if you ever upgrade, your TV tuner can go along w/ the next videocard upgrade. If you bought the AIW just for the TV tuner, when you upgraded you would have to buy either another AIW or a seperate TV tuner for that function.

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    Just buy a tv tuner only card, ive seen them for $50 w/ a remote

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    This is off topic in a way but still in the same direction....Couldnt you run all Voodoo card dual?

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