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    Question Using a T splitter in a different way, what flow might i get?

    The T splitter is usually used so the main line comes in and takes a 90 degree turn left and right, theoreticaly splitting the flow in half.
    What if you use it such that the main line comes in what would usually be one of the exit sides. the water would mainly flow straight ahead, but some would take the 90 degree turn to the side.
    How much flow would go through 90 degree turn and how much would go straight on?
    anyone know?
    doesn't need to be exact, just a guestimate would be fine.

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    depends on it's orientation..if water is flowing horizontal on the
    "T" and the base of the "T" was pointing down (like it is now) you'd get a little flow...maybe 20-25%, that's all. If you really wanted to split flow evenly I would use a "Y" splitter, if you want to regular it add a reducer at the end of one of the "Y's".
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    Yeah, i could use the T as normal, but use an extra hose clamp around one of the hoses from the outlet to clamp the hose a bit and restrict the flow.

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    It depends on the relative pressurization of each potential path for the water to take. If the straight through path is going into something highly resistive, more so than the angled path, then more water will go into the angle.

    All in all, I don't see why you'd want to do this.

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