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    My water just changed color... cause for concern?

    I've had my watercooling system for quite a while now... it looks pretty ghetto, but hey, it works. About 5 minutes ago I looked over at my computer and the water has turned a milky-white color. The odd part is that an hour ago it looked fine, and I haven't messed with it for weeks. I used distilled water with probably ~10% Watter Wetter and some blue dye-lite to detect leaks.

    I've looked at the system and there are no leaks, and my temps haven't changed (36C load on a summer day). All of the waterblocks are copper... the only other metal in the system is a hose clamp inside the reservoir, but I doubt it waited a month to completely corrode in less than an hour. At first I thought my pump had burned out, but my flow rate is unaffected. Any ideas what could be causing this, and should I be concerned?

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    drain it and pour it into a glass.. get you some cookies and enjoy

    j/k sound like you need to change it... sometimes alot of air can look a little milky but not that milky

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    I would vey, very closely at the water. Is it milky as in disolved something or is it opaque as in tiny little bubbles?
    Bubbles = air leak, disolved = something is being broken down?

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    ok, it just turned blue again after about 20 minutes... I have no idea

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    If in fact it changed back then I'm 99.9% certain that you were some how sucking air. Keep an eye on it.

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    For a second there I thought maybe you had a giant build up of gunk that got knocked loose, but as it went away, its probably air bubbles.

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