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    Question IE "jumping" from window to window???

    Hmmm, maybe a trivial question for some of you, but I can't find the answer to this one:

    How can I keep IE from changing focus to another window when for example loading is finished.

    For example: When I open a link from window #1 in another window (window 2#), explorer will jump to this window #2 whenever it's loading is completed etc.... no matter what I'm doing in window #1. Extremely annoying

    The strangest part is that I experience this as a problem only sice I've re-installed my OS (windows XP proffesional) a few days ago.

    Any thoughts
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    Unfortunately (IMO), that's a built-in "feature" of IE6...and as of yet I've been unable to find a way around this annoying "feature".

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    Well, you may be right.
    But then again, I'm sure something affects the frequency of this "feature". As I said, I've always known this fenomenon, but recently it became a real problem on my PC.

    Somebody pointed me at a function in TweakUI: under General > Focus there's an option to "prevent applications from stealing focus". But that doesn't seem to have any effect on IE.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply!
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