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    internet broadcasting

    does anyone have any idea what it woudl take to start up an internet radio broadcast? a friend of mine wants to start a small radio station and i told him i would find out anything i could about it. i know nothing in terms fo equipment needed or anything. so if anyone has any info or links to info let me know please.


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    1. Powerful servers with lots of space.
    2. Fast connection. Better than T3.
    3. People willing to listen.

    Hopefully your buddy is paying attention to all the radio sites that are being required to pay copywrite taxes by the record industry GreedEO's in excess of $50,000 in most situations.

    This tariff has been held of by the courts, but it will more than likely comeback as the RIAA and their fellow moneymongers plead their piracy case.

    The last thing your buddy wants is to drop $100,000 on servers and bandwidth, only to end up getting shut down due to not being able to pay the RIAA tariff.
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    ooookkkayy lol.. You can create a server if you have a good internet bandwidth. Or you could buy one for cheap at which are a great company and very reliable. I use them for my internet radio station ! Check out my internet radio station and the contact details are available for me (Dj Jay) on there. So please dont hesitate to contact me at any time if you need help!

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    Yeah, just check out shoutcast if you are just in it to have fun.

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