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Thread: stepings??

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    i hear alot of good things abt the agoia stepings in the xp1600 range but are the same steping in the xp1800 range any good. here in aus we can't find xp1600s anymore i'm just decideing weather i should try and get an agoia y xp1800 i know they have them in stock i just dont know how well the oc? if u've got one them let me know how it went. i got my agoga y xp1800 to 1867mhz so i'm not sure how much more i can get out of a agoia

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    Well man I just got my new 1600+ agoia y 0213 yesterday and right now I'm up to 1862mhz its unlocked and running 12.5x149 with only 1.80v (default for mobo). After it runs prime another few hours I'm tring for more

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