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    Is it possible to o/c?

    Hmmm, i was lookin at my old 500mhz celeron pc and was wondering if it had the ability to o/c, i dont have much info on the board but its not configurable from the bios, the board is a

    Matsonic MS7308D/E sis 630 chipset..erg...not much info...any help would be great!

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    Well maybe sorta. :-)

    You didn't give much info on either the board or you, so I hope below is not to basic for you. :-)

    The sis 630 chipset in general had support for 66/100/133 mhz FSB. There probably is a jumper on the board that controls the FSB. ON boards of this vintage there may or may not be a jumper to set the PCI / agp multiplier.

    Where to get info
    1) manual (ya either lost or it blows, at least mine are)
    2) Manufater web site. This is why I try to buy asus or abit (prob same for gigabyte). The web site has bios updates, manuals, tips, FAQ's, etc.. Get an old asus board out of someones closet, and you can probably find out how to configure it at their site.

    3) look at the mb :-) Often, the more important jumpers will be labled, and ...... SOMETIMES .... there will even be a printed chart on the MB that gives the FSB jumper settings. Ya, you usually need to get the moterboard all out of the case and go over it with a flashlight to see the tiny jumper labels .....

    4) My guess is you're at 5 multiplier times a 100 mhz FSB. The thing to try would be to jumper the board to 133 and see if everything still works. <standard disclaimers apply you could burn out your memory, MB, and proc from overclocking, use at your own risk, etc. etc.)

    Again, hope this isn't too basic for your level. I don't have any info on that board. I have,however, had good luck finding FSB jumpers labeld on no name boards in the past.
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